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>> she served four years for that finger in the chili incident. now, prosecutors say she filed a false police report claiming two men shot her son. police say he admits he shot himself in the foot and his mother tried to help him cover it up. it's illegal for him to have a gun because he is a convicted felon. david lieu yeelee will have more object latest double with the law at 5:00. >> a fifth person has been charged in connection with the death of a millimillionairekkkix court documents were not made public, he was murdered in november in his estate. he apparently suffocated from the dublgt tape used to tie him up. three men and another woman have been charged in the death, they're next expected to appear in court next month. >> palo alto is joining in on
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a national day of action against gun violence. participants want to pressure congress to expand background checks for gun buyers and joining east palo alto in the coming up at 5:00 we'll have a live report on the program and why organizers say buy backs can make a difference. >> police in las vegas are still not sure what confron thaigs led to the death of a 27-year-old from oakland. >> the aspiring rapper was killed in a car to car shooting yesterday, involved in some sort of dispute with the occupants of a black range rover that then chased his car up the las vegas strip. the car crashed into a taxi cab which then burst into flames, killing both people inside. a family member says he was trying to avoid a family life style he wasn't into violence, he got three kids. just had a new baby girl that
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we just celebrated do you know what i mean? not even a month, two ago. >> friends and family remember jerry with a candle light vigil last night. >> oscarnr@ pistorious left a south african jail today after a judge granted him bail. >> prosecutors dispute the account pointing out he had a loud argument with her just before the shooting. his family stands hi behind him. >> we know oscar's version of what happened at that tragic night. and weoi÷g÷ know that that is te truth. >> the judge ordered him to surrender his passport before freeing him on bail. he is not aloud to go back to his home and had to give up
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guns that he had in his possession. >> lawyers for lance armstrong says the justice department joined a whistle blower lawsuit that accuses him of using performance-enhacing drugs for more than a decade and defrauding his long time sponsor, the u.s. postal service. his former teammate lloyd landis filed the lawsuit. lawyers could not agree whether postal service was damaged by the fraud. >> the pentagon is grounding a fleet of f 35 fighter jets after discovering a cracked engine blade. after what was known as an air force version of the jet. >> other versions flown by the navy and marine corps. all versions grounded today. the most expensive program totallest maifted cost nearly $400 billion. >> boeing proposed a long term
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fix for the dream liner jets. the company proposed several options such as adding insulation in a steel box with a venting tube. faa is reviewing this. if accepted planes could be back in the air in about eight weeks. the fleet grounded after a series of incidents involving overheated batteries. >> a bay area freshman congressman has an unusual way of making rounds in his district asking companying to come in to learn the ropes. >> mark matthews was there. >> congressman swalwell these outings give him a chance to learn about companies and have pictures taking. >> this is like that. >> if there are reporters present there is a chance to
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sequester spending cuts that are just seven day as way. >> if we have sequester cuts goitsing to heard our public schools. >> stallwell says it will pull $11 million out of the schools in the district. schools are the second biggest buyers of the light fixture autos which will, at the end of the i day, affect the number of employees here in these manufacturing jobs. >> but the man who build bilt this company does not see that it way. we'll talk with him about thoughts on the sequester coming up at 6:00 in union city, abc news. >> san jose may become the largest city in the country to groups joined near a city ú facility to lobby tody hoping to encourage a switch to alternative food packaging. the association says the ban would harm small businesses in the city, and says food packaging accounts for less than 1% of waste inland fills. san jose is set to vote on tuesday.
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>> demonstrators are getting what they want. >> the students will sit down over severe cuts facing this troubled school. abc 7 news reports. >> a small group camped overnight demanding to speak with the chancellor, police were standing by but took no action. >> everything has been civil. we've respected this face, they've -- the police respected us. >> protestors complained there has been a lack of communication between students and administration. a rally echoed fears with an effort to fend off possible closure of the school because of declining enrollment. >> this morning came word the chancellor will meet with students mob. >> it feels good for us to
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have community support and support from other students. a lot of students are worried about the closure of the school. we just want want to reassure them to make sure that that doesn't happen. >> that meeting ended with a delegation of five student demonstrators. city college has until march 15th to1$@ñ show akediting commission it fixed more than 12 deficiencies meaning largest community college in the us wous have to shut down. >> weekend arrived and attention now turns to weather. >> yes. here is spencer christian with the accu-weather forecast. >> things looking good despite the fact there may be sprinkles coming our way. cloud-free skies but well north around eureka, a wide path of rainfall and snow that. system is moving our way. but will probably run out of the -- lose most of the moisture on the=rx way down dow.
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52 degrees in san francisco. a view of the western sky and still showing mainly clear skies with whis bey clouds. temperatures 60 in santa rosa. first forecast this evening, going to be clear but clouds will thicken overnight so. partly cloudy skies overnight with a slight chance of showers in the wee hours of the morning but we'll have sunny, breezy afternoon. mild condition was highs climbing into low 60s into warmest locations. larry and carolyn? >> thank you. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 forget implosion there's is a way to demolish buildings without explosives and a wrecking ball. >> authorities blow up a backpack though the owner came
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forward to claim it michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live a little later, you can contact michael on finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney approaching 4:11 first check of the traffic this is a live look of the skyway trying to head to the east way. -- bay this, is the oncoming traffic going on the lower deck of the bay bridge. better for folks on the righthand side of the screen. stay with us. more still to come
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fda approved a form of the new breast cancer drug that combines drugs with a powerful chemotherapy and a third chemical. it's designed to target cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. it's long dominated the drug marketplace generating about $6 billion in sales. >> 45% of americans receive health benefits but the recent decrease does appear to be flow sloeing n 2008 employers provided health insurance for 49% of the u.s. workers. that number slid during the resechlgs a poll shows lboñ change. the number of people receiving health care benefits rose from 23% to 25% during the same five-year period. >> we're about to show you may
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look like math wrik but it's not. it's a new technique in demolition. engineers developed a way to bring down huge structure was out using a wreck'c?ñ ball or dynamite. take a look at the video of the this hotel. it's shrinking and shrinking. inside the crews are removing beam asks support columns floor by floor. will take about six to seven months to take down the building. not the cheapest technique out there but it's clean and it doesn't bother neighbors or damage buildings. >> fascinating. >> i prefer something imploding myself. this is greener and cleaner. >> discount deal sites are not holding al you're they once did. >> emily chang is here with the report. >> demand is down for daily
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deals companies as you said so much so that living social just raised money in a deal valuing the coupeon site at $1.5 billion, less than a quarter of its value just over a year ago. groupon is feeling the heat as well, it's stock lost more than two thirds of the value since going public. north korea going to start allowing mobile internet access. it comes after a month after eric submit urged the company to loosen restrictions. the legal war between fox broadcasting is heating up. fox is asking for orders to block the new features of the hopper boxes. fox writes paying dish for a subdescription does not buy anyone right to buy live broadcasting over the internet
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or make copy of programs on the go. fox is appealing a earlier decision not to block auto use features. and to check on trading positive earnings reports pushing stocks higher today, your bloomberg silicon valley gaining on shares of hewlett-packard and apple. the governor signed a bill into law after being fast tracked. nevada officials wanted to beat out new jersey which may legalize online gambling next week. regulators will have to draw up rules before it can start. back to you vrx a wonderful weekend. >> you, too. >> a major milestone has been reached in restoration of lake merit. a section of the lake channel sk opened to boaters and
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kayakers. it's part of a project to improve the once polluted water way. it's the first of three phases and should be completed by 2014. >> looks like weekend is going to be nice to be by a lake. >> great weekend is coming up. looking pretty g here is a live doppler 7 hd. our skies are sunny now up to the north here comes a front that may bring us a sprinkle or two overnight. let's take a look at our forecast. we're going to see sprinkles in the wee hours of the
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morning i'm talking about 3:00 a.m. milder sunday temperatures start to climb a bit. a movement is in the northern part of the state at the moment. i'm going to give you a look at how weak this system is. clouds along the front but not a lot of moisture. at 11:00 tonight we'll see increasing clouds overnight into early morning hours perhaps around 4:00 a.m. we can see showers scattered and light. by mid morning it's over giving way to sunny skies and breezy conditions tomorrow, will be pleasant we'll feel the breeze. overnight tonight look for clouds increasing late tonight and by morning lows into upper 0s. mainly 40s for remainder of the bay area, tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies, breezy,
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high temperatures in low 60s, 62 in san jose. highs in low 60s there. 50s mid-50s on the coast and half moon bay. downtown topping out at 58 degrees tomorrow. low 60s, on the east bay look for highs of 60 at oakland and hayward, inland east bay highs low 60s. 61 in pittsburgh. here is the accu-weather forecast. sunny skies all the way throughout the forecast period again that slight chance of showers tomorrow morning. that is just bit. we'll be dry for the remainder of the period. you can follow live doppler 7 on twitter for latest weather conditions rain or shine and get forecast videos, power:'s.ñ
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outage information. tweets from your favorite weather team. >> is that you? >> and we're trying to see who gets most followers here. >> it's close, it's tight. >> well, i had a few new followers yesterday, so i don't know how doppler is doing. >> wait until rain come autos very you. very you. >> in the spirit of sportsmanship, thank you very much. >> coming up next, live from the red carpet a preview of the biggest night which is now just two days away. >> then after 4:30 hip-hop, science skped x come together unlikely combination is changing the way some teachers
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the state is set for the lunar nur year celebration, celebrating the year of the snake. music or neat costume floats and fire crackers will light up the route?:s(. it begins tomorrow night at 6:00. and the weather should cooperate. should be just perfect. >> 85th aj kad my awards just two day as way. things are starting to heat up. >> rachel smith is live outside of the kodak theater. >> slight question. this is something getting ajusted to. it's no longer kodak theater
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it's dolby theater. we're gearing up for entertainment's biggest night. behind me is the dolby theater. that is -- there is a lot of ton of stuff going on here, you can hear music in the background. we have the walk of fame lining this famous strip. construction started friday evening about 10:00 a.m. and this is possible and we've got to settle things down to prep for oscar sunday. they've rolled out red carpet since then. besides this one. there is no threat of rain,
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thank goodness. behind us are risers for the press. there are gg to be hundredsmw;÷ here taking pictures of the stars and they'll be out here on oscar sunday. >> rachel thank you very much. it sounds like it's going to be exciting. we'll look for you on sunday. >> without a doubt. we'll have all sorts of views, we've got all the stars covered so be sure to join us. >> okay to get the full experience down load the back stage pass feature.
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it's available for android and kindel fire. >> join us for abc 7 oscar party. have you to like our page. >> just ahead, concern an employ yeary of a ballet school turns himself in after being accused of child molestation. >> the slain city leader people want to honor. >> and dangling from a ski lift, zrik how he got down there as he drops 40 feet
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a man police say was under investigation for child molestation since november is now in jail. he worked at a nearby ballet school where abc 7 news is live with the story for us. >> this investigation is shocked. mothers bringing children here in walnut creek.
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this 19-year-old worked on north main street. operators would not comment on camera. in november, he was fired. alisa had no idea this was going on. >> this scare meez a little bit and makes me nervous. you trust people here. you think they're watching four your kids. and i mean, it's all kids here. >> he's been under investigation. the district attorney issued a felony warrant for his arrest. the lieutenant has been investigating this case. >> this morning about 8:00 he walked into the court house was was given an arraignment
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time. >> the investigation began when police received a complaint. >> a female juvenile and her parents came and reported that he was sending inappropriate text messages to the young female. >> until recently police say he was an actor in walnut creek. here, abc 7 was referred to human resources department of the art center. due to the criminal investigation they had no comment. he is being charged with four counts relating to child sex abuse. two felonies work tox,ñ misdemeanors. >> operators tell us he had no contact with children. police are investigating the charges and won't elaborate on whether or not there is more than one victim and asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> all clear has been given
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this morning a bag gound found outside of the court house was detonated before noon. the backpack found in the tunnel area.lii%n and he knew he won't be able to go through the metal detector. >> the obama administration is warning that automatic spending cuts will result in travel delays. ray lahood says it will require trimming $600 million this year and furloughing air traffic controllers. he says travelers could experience 90 minute delays or mores in the citis.
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>> several commute leaders trying to drum up support to try to rename sfo for former supervisor harvey milk. some believe it a tribute to his legacy. five supervisors support letting voters decide. six are needed to put it on the ballot. >> this is something that was lying dorm yabt, now, blooming. >> harvey milk san francisco international airport sends a message toer one who has ever been or currently diminished in every corner of the earth that hear is a city recognizes your value, you're worth. >> san francisco held a summit today on how to keep young
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paroles from a life of crime. members of different agencies heard from the district attorney, chief and head of probe yaichlgts their focus is young adults trying to resume a norm live. experts say they lack maturity needed to make bad choice autos by working with young people early on and giving an opportunity to stay out of crime. >> the mayor talked about creating job opportunities. in san francisco there are a thousand paroles between 18-25. >> coming up a winter weather packing a wallop in the mid west. >> today 7 on your side q and a just ahead.
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you can contact me on abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here live a little later. >> from our east bay hills camera, we can see a western bright sky but clouds are headed our way and possibly a sprinkle or two. >> can sunshine right now in walnut creek. you can see traffic moving
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a yupg man survived a fall from a ski lift. one friend captured it on video. take a look. you can see what happened right here in this home video. he slipped from his seat after throwing a snow ball. he then held on four story as above the ground. >> it's terrifying ask i was thinking if i fall wrong, land wrong, i'm probably going to >> he did suffer injuries after his plunge, fracturing his skull and punctured a lung but he is doing okay and he says he's planning on wearing a helmet next time he goes skiing. >>. a massive snow sform
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forced hundreds of flight cancellation as cross the mid west. the winter storm brought ice, thunder and tornadoes across a thousand mile area. a woman was killed in texas when a tree crashed through her home. so it's a remarkable amount of snow. it's winter. >> different here. there is dangerous situation here in southeastern part of the country. here is a look at clear mild conditions, we have a frontal systemhsweeping through. some snow inland that front is likely to bring us a couple sprinkles. nationally tomorrow will be a quiet weather picturement a
4:39 pm
big powerful storm will be winding down. there will be showers along atlantic coast. dry conditions and light snow over central rockies. state wide here in california tomorrow, mainly dry conditions, areas of the mountain region, dry, mild, sacramento, 62. 69 down in los angeles. here in the bay area, we can expect passage of clouds and spring yelz or two. mild, highs in low 60s, look for 61 in richmond. akland. the chinese new year parade begins at 6:00. it will be sunny and cool. continue to see clear, cool conditions into evening hours
4:40 pm
for parade watchers. temperatures dropping into upper 40s by 58 p.m. >> well said, spencer. >> new chinese terra cotta warriors exhibit opened today and is already drawing huge crowds. opening is a live terra cotta warrior then led the crowd to the hall. 10 of the 2000-year-old sculptures are displayed. >> providing everyone a window through the exhibit it runs until may.
4:41 pm
>> shots are riveting there. >> more still to come including a remarkable basketball shot not by a player but this cheerleader. >> oh, man. >> it's amazing. >> yes. >> i'm michael finney. when do companies have to replace a
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s you know we're just two days from academy awards. you can have a front row seat. our live coverage begins at 2:00 in the afternoon. the stars started arriving on oscars red carpet life. begin at 5:30. the recap of the biggest moments and you'll pass through after parties. >> checking healthy living news this afternoon a group of 17 medical societies have come together with a list to avoid unnecessary and sometimes harmful health care, do not give cough and cold medicines younger to children younger than four years old, don't give ct scans to children with minor injuries and don't induce labor or perform a c
4:45 pm
section on mothers use babies are under 39 weeks of age that can cause breathing problems and learning disabilities for children children. >> small changes among the way school cafeterias did business. they performed a small makeover, placing fruit in attractive bowls and had the staff ask each student would you like to try an apple. the small changes led to big result was students being 13% more likely to take fruits, 23% more likely to take vegetable autos many kids struggle when it comes to learning about science. now, a program is using hip-hop to jump start lessons. one professor developed the program for students in new york city public high school. >> idea combine that with your culture. >> introduce them to science.
4:46 pm
>> the lessons take place once per week with5;]>x students comp posing their own rap learics. >> consumer news now, questions sent through e mail. i want to switch insurance companies now that they accept people with preexisting conditions which provides the best care? >> that is brilliant, her plan. why would you hang around with a lousy company now you can go somewhere new? national health plan ratings are done by a group called national committee for quality assurance. those are the rating that's consumer reports uses so it's worth getting in on those. i've got a link on our web site. you can go there, check out the different companies and see which one will work for you.
4:47 pm
>> good point. carol p asked this. any advice for someone whose clothes washer is under warranty but cannot be repaired according to the tech. does the company have an obligation to replace the snsh. >> they have to make it right either fix or repair it. it says that if you buy a product it has to operate the way you would think it would. so a hammer should drive in a nail. a washer should wash clothes. call the company back. you may have had a lazy tech or someone who had a bad day. >> carol e mails where could i dispose of old prescription drugs without harming the environment? >> it's a big deal, becoming easier, most police departments in the lobby have a place now you can drop them
4:48 pm
offdpy. i've got a web site on my web site abc 7 there it is right there. it's sf i've got wrong information up there. pardon me. san francisco department is through the bay area, go there, we'll link it to you. >> thank you. >> stick around. you and i have cheer leading daughters. this is goodyfezs:uu#f here. you know we talk about shot in a college basketball game but this is buy a cheerleader in mississippi. about to drum up the front cliff, and shot it into one motion. nothing at the bottom of the net. take a look. you can see them grab there.
4:49 pm
>> not really. >> well... >> okay. it's not -- . >> i'm sorry. i mean -- . >> trust me. the ball is on the floorxggñ. she grabbedñb >> in san jose, coming up i'll
4:50 pm
telt you why he says it w
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if you're not concerned about keeping your personal information private when shopping online, you should be. >> there are few rules about how much information online stores can demand from you when making a purchase. >> we're live in sacramento with the story. cog to fix a ruling that said your privacy protections are not as long strong as online as in a store. when you buy something with a credit card workers are not allowed to ask you for personal information like a home address, phone number or e mail. song beverly act but the supreme court sided with apple saying those consumer protections do not apply to down loadable products like
4:54 pm
songs and videos and oo it throws out all pro teches for people doing online purchases for downl6:÷ loads. we think the next step will be for any online commerce. >> there is a bill protecting current protections and allow companies to be able to detect fraud. that is taking care of the situation after the purchase. >> they can't aggregate that to develop profiling about you as a consumer. >> retailers are concerned. many companies are feeling sate lawmakers have no injures dings. and the measure spoils one convenience of cyber shopping if information can't be kept. >> consumer as lou nfg to be stored so when they return
4:55 pm
again, the retailer knows who they are. that is a great experience for an online shopper. >> many look forward to more privacy. 5z worried me. it's more information than you have to. >> you should haven't a retailer or business saying we can do what we'd like. >> in court documents apple and consumer groups let me start again. apple never states why it and why it did with it. until cases that are pending against e harmony and ticket master. >> california students looking up at kids and not in a good way. >> a report found 4th and 8th
4:56 pm
graders performed poorest among so called megastates. california spends less than national average per pupil and has highest student to teacher ratio than other super states. >> thanks for joining us here on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the south bay woman made up finger is now accused of pointing an$6jhccusing finger at an innocent man. >> stopping crime in its tracks. an officer detoured to catch a criminal. >> i'm sandhya patel. changing weather heading into the weekend. what is coming straight ahead. >> and free at last.
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a man talks about putting nearly seven yearsqee of hard time behind it. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> that man just released a short time ago. outside the jail in dublin, finally justice for him. >> that is right. happy moment for him, humble moment for ronald ross after nearby seven years behind bars, wrongly convicted of attempted murder. he walked out of jail within just the past hour, he had)p ñ changed out of his jail sump suit walking out wearing dress slacks and a shirt. he squinted into the sunshine and talked to reporters about what he described as a quote very lovely day. >> i think that now that you're out? >> in a way, it has. it have.lfj
4:58 pm
so i can kiss on this sunshine. it feels great. man, it feels great. it's a blessing. it's a blessing. yes. i was blessed by god, you know, granted i went through what i went through but everything happened for a reason. >> describe what is going through your mind five minutes ago? when you had a chance to walk through the doors? >> i can see sunshine again. walk on clean air again. >> now, ross talked about what he was going do tonight that. is go see his mother and family in oakland. he hopes to have his favorite feel of -- meal of shrimp and oysters then he says he wants to take a vacation, visit has father in southern california and his children who live in louisiana. he told us with his life he'd like to be a substance abuse counselor for young people. we did ask if he plans to file
4:59 pm
a lawsuit. he said woe not address that question now. there is some recourse under the law for those who have been wrongly convicted and spent time in prison. i'll tell you more about that tonight at 6:00. of course, we'll hear more from the newly-freed ronald ross. in dublin abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you very much. the woman behind the infamous finger in the chili case was back in court facing a charge of making up a story. but this time there, is more to it. people remember the tall tale that landed her in prison. >> that is right. after eight years people remember that story when eating here. san jose police say caught her again making a false police report this, time, to protect her son. now, both of them may end up rz0 >> 47-year-old

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